Dr Hannah Betts

Hannah joined the team in spring 2018, having completed a PhD in Experimental Psychology at University College London (UCL).  Her PhD involved designing, programming and conducting experiments, analysing the data using mixed effects modelling, and writing up the findings as papers for academic journals.  Prior to her PhD, Hannah completed a BSc in psychology and an MSc in psychology, statistical analysis and computer programming, also at UCL.

After eight years of study culminating at the peak of academic qualification, Hannah has moved to the world of finance in order to pursue a career in a faster-paced and more dynamic environment.  Hannah is efficient, professional and keen to work closely with clients to understand the needs of their businesses and deliver funding solutions in her role as New Business Manager.  Her background in science, statistics and problem solving is highly suited to finance, where both a critical analysis of financial information and a creative approach to funding solutions are required to find the best option for our clients.

To get in touch with Hannah, email her at hannah.betts@primaryassetfinance.co.uk