Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions

For a deal to work, the right funding and repayment model is needed from the outset. Constructing debt finance structures to fund mergers, acquisitions, management “buy ins” and management “buy outs” is a key specialism of the team.

We understand how these transactions are structured and have a clear insight into the type of financing flexibility that is often required to make them work. This can include seasonal repayments, repayment holidays and accelerated repayment profiles (usually applied when funders perceive more “risk” to be involved). We are committed to ensuring repayment models are realistic and achievable for the businesses we deal with (for more on this please see our Ethos).

Operating under our Primary Corporate Finance label, we are ideally positioned to provide corporate finance solutions. We fully understand the time pressures that are often involved. Through our extensive  network and access to funds we can move quickly to deliver the funding that your transaction requires.