Peer to Peer Alternative Finance Solutions

Primary Asset Finance has access to an array of funding ranging from traditional banks and finance companies to other providers of funding. Over the last few years alternative finance providers have entered the market, often occupying territory in the market vacated by banks. The low interest rate environment has also led individuals and institutions to look at other ways of driving returns, hence the Peer2Peer lending market was born. There are now a range of Peer2Peer funders providing an extensive range of cashflow and secured loan options.

Primary Asset Finance has delivered multiple Peer2Peer loans for clients over the years, either on a standalone basis, or as a “top up” where additional finance is needed to meet the overall requirement. We have found Peer2Peer lending to be a flexible means of providing finance, especially where the underlying lending rationale and company fundamentals are strong, but for whatever reason the requirement may not fit traditional funder criteria.