Our ethos and approach are an extremely important part of our business. Regardless of the client, the task or the economic climate we have set out some very basic principles we apply throughout all of our deals. We believe this should be a standard achieved throughout the industry.

What we do:

  • Identify solutions which enable growth for companies that might be otherwise    funding constrained
  • Support businesses with a need to refinance their existing operations
  • Deliver assistance to clients experiencing cash-flow challenges
  • Effectively refinance existing debt on improved terms
  • Provide effective funding solutions for acquisitions and other corporate finance demands

How we do it:

  • Maintain a responsible and professional approach at all times – we do not overburden clients with unaffordable debt and always act in their best interests
  • Treat customers fairly throughout the process, both pre and post draw down (and for the continuation of the finance)
  • Endeavour to provide the service we have agreed upon to the best of our abilities

We fully understand and recognise our responsibility to our clients, investors and the wider sector.