Changing with the Seasons

It might not seem like it, but despite the gloomy weather, the nights are getting shorter! Hopefully Spring will be on the way in a month or so to bring a welcome end to the chilly days of Winter.

Seasonality is something that many clients of Primary Asset Finance’s see within their businesses, some with trading peaks in the run up to Christmas, others at different times of the year, for example the summer months. It depends on the company’s business model and sector. Primary Asset Finance are able to work with lenders to ensure that loan repayments and debt servicing schedules are matched to seasonal movements in cash flow to minimise and smooth out peaks and troughs. If you have seasonality in your business, or could do with some extra working capital we can help. Get in touch with Phil, Neil or Terry to find out more.

Carillion in trouble- but you don’t have to be!

With the Construction giant Carillion announcing it has gone into liquidation today, crisis talks continue with the government. But there are hundreds of smaller companies reliant on cash flow and business from the huge contracts Carillion has on its books. (For more information why not have a look at the articles here and here).

Primary Asset Finance look specifically at refinancing and restructuring existing debt so why not get in touch if you’ve been affected, or let someone who has been affected know that we might be able to help.


January is typically the month when many accountants clear their diaries and focus on the rush to get client’s personal tax returns computed and filed before the 31st.

Every year many of us resolve to be better prepared and not leave it to the last minute (but we always do!), expecting our accountant to then pick up the slack (which they hate!).

Planning ahead is key to any business and helping with financial forecasts is one of the services that some accountants provide for their clients.

Primary Asset Finance works with a number of accountants to help companies put in place the necessary finance that their plans tell them they need to meet cashflow/working capital requirements and to purchase new equipment. Do you have a client that could benefit from our services? If so why not get in touch. Don’t get caught out!

Happy New Year!

The start of a new year is often associated with making new resolutions. There’s no better time for companies to resolve to look at their current financing, whether they are getting the best deal and have the optimal working capital funding structure to maximise cashflow availability. At this time of year cashflow can be tight for some businesses due to seasonality. Primary Asset Finance can assist by looking at either short or longer term sources of finance which can help to take the pressure off.

What does the rise in inflation mean for your business?



This week, the government announced that the consumer price index measure of inflation increased to 3.1% in November, a near six year high. Although the Office of National Statistics indicated that dearer computer games and air flights were the obvious areas that have driven the increase, the underlying rise in oil prices and the depreciation of sterling are the underlying factors.

The issue for our clients or potential clients is how to cope with the rise, from a business perspective. When inflation increases, supplier costs go up and get passed on: margins are squeezed. Businesses should consider whether they have enough cash flow to alter their purchasing habits, possibly by ordering or buying in bulk to make savings. Are they getting the best rates in the current climate? If not they may want to consider the kinds of alternative funding solutions Primary Asset Finance can arrange.

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is a peak trading period for many companies, whilst for others it can be the quietest time of the year. Planning around seasonal peaks and troughs in trading to ensure that the company’s cashflow continues to meet the needs of the business is crucial to any successful enterprise. Primary Asset Finance has access to lenders providing flexible funding solutions which can be structured to track and mirror the trading profile of a business to optimise the availability of working capital throughout the year. Why not get in touch to find out more? 

Set yourself up for New Year success!

Although it’s the first of December and all eyes (and stomach’s) inevitably focus on the Christmas break, businesses should make sure they’ve planned and have cash flow and working capital assured for the first quarter of 2018. It’s easy around this time of year to let plans slide but in financial terms it is always best to think ahead, carefully consider short and mid term milestones and ensure your businesses funding needs are already in place to set you up for a great start in 2018!

Office Relocation

We are delighted to have successfully moved into new offices at 5 The Courtyard, Alswick, Buntingford, Hertfordshire SG9 0AA. Although we will be making our customary trips into London, it feels good to have finally found a permanent base a little further out, where we can share ideas and collaborate on projects in an environment conducive to getting the best deals for our clients.